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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month - Post #19: "The Match Game"
"Describe your perfect doctor to treat your Migraines."
  • The perfect migraine doctor is a neurologist whose practice primarily treats head pain disorders.  
  • He or she is kind, compassionate and knowledgeable about the latest research, or participates in research studies about head pain disorders.
  • The doctor empowers the patient by facilitating shared decision-making in the patient's care.  
  • The doctor and patient treat each other with respect. 
  • The practice is staffed by competent and efficient personnel. 
  • There is a nurse available to answer questions during office hours, and there is an emergency contact number where someone can be reached for problems that crop up during evenings, weekends and holidays. 
  • General questions are answered within one business day
  • There is a prompt response when the patient has an urgent or emergent need.  
  • They honor most insurance plans and are willing to set up a reasonable payment plan for those with no insurance, or for the items not covered by insurance. 
  • The doctor listens when you say that you don't want drugs that will further impair your cognitive abilities or that you are a light-weight when it comes to certain classifications of drugs. 
I am pretty lucky in that my internist referred me to a migraine specialist right at the onset of my battle with chronic migraine.  He listened to my suggestions and the suggestions of other health care professionals, incorporating those ideas into my care plan. He did not advocate the use of narcotics, which I appreciated. 

My current neurologist (who looks a lot like the guy in my photo) spent an hour with me at my intake appointment and did not seem hurried, distracted or worried about getting behind schedule. I felt as if his entire focus was devoted  to solving my problems.  He asked me at the end of our visit if I had any other questions.  I appreciated that.

I have heard horror stories from many other migrianeurs about their physicians, and feel very fortunate to have found competent physicians in my geographical area.   Despite the fact that I have a chronic incurable disease, when it comes to my medical care, I feel  blessed.

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